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One of the scientists in your lab recently discovered that the threshold for the sample quality rate has been set too low. This has resulted in some samples being contaminated by other nearby samples during the RT-PCR amplification process, which in turn has led to a higher rate of false positives.

You may remember that any sample quality value above .9 should be accepted, but now the threshold should be raised to greater than or equal to .95. The scientist has recommended that the data entry program for test results that you’ve developed be adjusted accordingly.

Because your program is now being used on hundreds of workstations throughout the lab the Director would like you to create some unittests for the program to ensure that the correct version is installed on each workstation. The operators can periodically run the test suite to make sure their program is working correctly.

The Director anticipates that the calibration rate threshold might need to be adjusted in the future. So she would like you to test that as well.


  1. Update the is_valid_sample function to use the new threshold of greater than or equal to .95. (2 points)

  2. Write a test script using pytest that imports and tests the is_valid_sample and is_valid_calibration functions. Your tests should test for acceptable and unacceptable levels. (4 points)

  3. In no less than 150 words reflect on how effective this approach will be. For example are there other parts of that should be tested? Why? How easy will it be to make sure this program is deployed to all the workstations and that the tests are run? (4 points)